Monday, October 5, 2009

Let the games begin

I love October. Since having children, October is now my favorite time of the year. Christmas was always, always my favorite since I was little. I was always the one that got the decorations out and put them up when I lived with my parents. I still go to my mom's and put her tree up, actually. I still love it and will never not love it just some of that love has shifted to October.

October has become as busy as December but filled with all kinds of fun family activities that we enjoy with just the four us with friends and family thrown in here and there. We have something going on every weekend this month!

I love the fall weather, pumpkins, leaves, hay rides, corn mazes, bon fires, and of course trick or treating!! I can't get enough! I will try to blog about every event as it comes a long so I don't get too far behind. Up to bat first is our annual apple trip with our church and then the circus on Saturday. It will be Max's first trip to the circus and I truly am more excited than he is!

October here we come and all I have to say is.... Let the games begin!

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Tammy On the Go said...

and we may actually have Fall Weather down here!