Thursday, October 15, 2009

Working from home, easy! Right?

Don't get me wrong. I love my kids and being a stay at home mom is the best and only thing I want for my kids. This being said, trying to work at home while having your kids with you 24/7 isn't the easiest thing in the world.

Recently, I started a cake business out of my house. While I have really enjoyed baking and decorating cakes it has been a challenge at times. It is easiest to work while Wesley is asleep but that is not always the case.

Yesterday, I had a man of the house shower cake to do. It was a fairly simple cake. Since, I used a kit for the main decorations. No problems, right! Or so I thought! My cake wouldn't crust, I resorted to the hair dryer so I could smooth it. I couldn't find my decorative edger that I was going to use on the sides of the cake. I had to scrape the congrats off when I ran out of room, fill the icing back in, move the tools around, let it dry, and start the writing over.

In the midst of all that kayos, Wesley decided he would climb on top of the kitchen table 3 times, pull everything out of drawers and cabinets, and try to stick his hands in the cake and icing bowls. I was almost finished with the cake. I only had one side and a partial side of the top border left.

When I turned around to find this with Wesley sitting in the chair covered in potting soil.

Max's Cubbies class in Awana's had planted an African Violet a couple of weeks ago and I forgot it was sitting on the table. I had to stop and give him a bath since he was only wearing a T-shirt and diaper and was totally covered in the potting soil. Max needed a bath as well so I made him get in the tub with Wesley.

After baths, I had to clean up the mess just so I could finish the cake. Working from home, EASY! RIGHT?


Diana said...

nothing with kids is easy and I give you mega props!

Tammy On the Go said...

wow, you are right there with me!