Wednesday, November 11, 2009

16 months

Well, my sweet, impatient, stubborn, beautiful baby boy is now 16 months. I can't believe almost half of the second year of his life is already gone.

Wesley has definitely started showing his personality in every aspect. Boy, does this little one have a temper. It is literally his way of the high way or you are gonna see and hear some ugly sights. Max never pitched fits and I am really at a loss on how to handle this. If you have any ideas or help full hints please pass them along. He has started slapping his hands and head on the floor when he gets angry. I was embarrassed when the doctor walked in the room yesterday and witnessed one such episode!

He is as sweet as he is mean, though. He is already very charismatic and flirts with all the ladies. He loves to cuddle, hug, and kiss. He isn't scared of anything or anyone. He is very, very friendly; never meets a stranger. He loves music and loves to dance. Music is one thing that normally will always stop a screaming fit in the car.

He is still nursing but I am trying to ween him. It's not going great but we have cut back to only about 3 times a day. Once they tell you thank you when they are finished, I think it's time to cut them off! Yes, he has did this more than once!

He has most all his teeth. He is cutting his bottom molars and then he has eye teeth left. He has been a pretty easy teether other than, they seem to take a long time to come in.

He is climbing everything! I mean everything! He has very good hand-eye coordination. He has wonderful fine motor skills. He already will color with crayons and can buckle and unbuckle things. He likes things to be in there place and wants to figure out how everything works.

He is talking quite a bit. He can say a lot more words than he uses regularly. He is putting people and places together. When we pull into the church parking lot he starts saying, "Paw Paw". Of course, Paw Paw is one of his most favorite people!! He knows all his grandparents and aunts by name. He knows the dogs and cats names. He has just started repeating words a lot.

The boys get a long well for the most part. Wesley terrorizes Max as much as Max terrorizes Wesley. They go from hitting and fighting to hugging and loving. I am sure this is the way it will always be with two boys! They do play well together. I do have to remind Max that Wesley still isn't as big as he thinks he is. They love to wrestle and play chase.

I can't wait to see all the other changes he will make in the next coming months. It is just as exciting the second time around to see them meet and exceed all these milestones!

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