Tuesday, November 10, 2009


Recently, my eyes have been opened to just how blessed I am.

Blessed I have two perfectly healthy beautiful boys.

Blessed I have a husband with a job that wants me to stay at home to raise our children.

Blessed I have a house (although be it very small) to live in.

Blessed I have a car to drive.

Blessed I have food on my table every night.

Blessed I have family all around me.

Blessed I have family I love, that loves me, and we enjoy our time together.

Blessed I have two sets of grandparents that will drop anything (if at all possible) to spend time with their grand babies or give a lending hand.

Blessed I have sisters I can call on in any sort of need.

Blessed I have a Saviour who died for my sins and rose from the grave.

Blessed I have peace in the Holy Spirit who lives within me.

I am so blessed but why don't I ever share it? Why do I complain about all I don't have or want and think I need? Why do I forget on those hard days that this is my last year with Max at home? Why do I get frustrated or loose it when bad things happen? Why do I only care about my own needs and not the needs of those around me?

The Lord has been really giving me a burden about sharing the gospel and specifically how I never do it. Why? Why would I not want to share how he has blessed me so? Why would I not want others to know? Why would I want someone I know to die and go to hell?

Fear? Yes!
Complacency? Yes!
Rejection? Yes!
Self Absorbed? YES!

I know it going to take work, every good thing does, right! I am going to have to break down that wall of self absorbency, fear, complacency, and open my self up to rejection. I know people aren't rejecting me just His Word but still it's hard. I am praying God will open my eyes so I can be aware of the times he has for me to share and he will give me the words to say. If I don't tell anyone how he has blessed me so, how he saved my soul, how will anyone ever know?

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