Friday, November 6, 2009

Better late than never

With our terrible busy October and added rain, we never got around to carving our pumpkins for Halloween. Max was disappointed so I told him we would do it anyway. We took advantage of the most gorgeous of days, on Tuesday, to carve our pumpkins. This year I even let Max do a little carving with the safer kid friendly carving kit knives. I outlined the eyes and nose on Rex's and his pumpkins and he did the rest. He was so proud of himself. He would not help with the scooping of seeds and cleaning process. He told me, "I might get my hands dirty and I really don't want to do that!" Oh, that boy!

What concentration.

The mess mommy had to make all by herself.

Wesley just wanted to pick up the "ball".

He got interested in the goop and took a pig hunk of pumpkin off with him. He tried to eat but immediately spit it back out. Good thing pumpkins are edible!

The first eye Max carved by himself.

The first finished one. I did the mouth, Max did the rest.

Mommy's pumpkin.

Max's baby pumpkin.

Rex had raked a big pile of leaves in the front yard. Since, we were already dirty from pumpkin carving I told Max to go have fun in the leaves. Wesley didn't like them.

He buried himself from head down in the leaves.

Our pumpkins lit up that night.

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Tracy said...

I love the bucktoothed one! And we need to come over and play in your leaves!