Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Maxisms week of 11/4/09

Seriously, why is this taking so long?

I got stage freaked out.

I said to Max, "I think brother is stinky." He smelled Wesley's face and said, "He smells like sweetness to me."

After turning on the TV and seeing that Dora the Explorer was on he said, "I hate Dora!" I told him that we shouldn't say we hate things we should say we don't like them. He replied, "Well, I really don't like Dora." "Why not?" I asked. "Because she explores and her backpack talks."

While pulling out of the driveway at my mom and dad's, he says, "Paw Paw's is just so hard to leave!"

Pay attention and I will show you how this works.

Max decided to go back home with my dad from Atlanta after we went to the zoo. My mom talked to Max later and said she was going to miss him since he left. He told her, "Well, I just had to make a decision."

Wesley stole some of Max's candy bar and he came running in the room telling me, "He committed a crime!"

We went to eat lunch at Olive Garden with my parents. When the waitress brought the bill with the Andes candies Max ate one and then picked up the rest of them. My dad told him he needed to share with everyone else and he tossed one at me and said "Here you go, share."