Friday, November 14, 2008

4 months already

Where does the time go? Wesley turned 4 months on Tuesday and I totally forgot to blog about it! I can't believe 4 months have gone by already. He is really turning over now. Just tonight he turned over 10 times while I was trying to cook dinner. He is still a drool machine, slobber will just pour out of his mouth but no more of the tooth has cut through. His hair is growing back in but I think he may be a red head. In the sun like it glows bright red. Wesley has the sweetest smile with a little dimple on one side of his cheek. Of course, when I brake out the camera or video he stops completely so I can never catch it. He is such a wonderful baby. We went on a church trip yesterday and everyone kept going on and on about how good he was and asking if he ever cried. Yes, he just woke up and I am listening to it as we speak while quickly typing this. I loving having another baby, it has been so enjoyable this time. I am not as worried and uptight and I haven't had all the issues with nursing like I did with Max. I am loving this stage and don't want him to grow too fast. I can't believe I can start cereal this month if I want. It doesn't seem like it is time. I am not ready! He really is a wonderful baby and I am so blessed to be his mommy! I took at few pictures of Wednesday of the boys in their matching pjs. Didn't get any great pics but a couple of funny ones.

Last night was the debut for the pictures in the hospital and we went to see our now famous son's picture. If you ever go to Parkridge East Hospital visit the labor and delivery wing and see Wesley. His picture is hanging on the wall next to the coke and vending machines in the waiting area. The hospital is looking really nice from the remodel. All of the pictures are really good. I am glad we were lucky enough to be a part of it.

This face cracks me up! Those big eyes and his nostrils flared!

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