Monday, November 24, 2008


We have been wanting to go to Gatlinburg for a while now and decided to go this weekend. I had a Thirty-One show on Friday night so we went up on Saturday. Some friends of ours were up there so we got a room where they were staying. We got a later start than I wanted so we ended up getting some food on the road on the way up. Max was so excited that he refused to eat until we got to Gatlinburg. As soon as we pulled into the parking lot of the hotel he scarfed down his chicken nuggets. Kids can be so weird. Who wants to eat cold, over an hour old chicken nuggets? My son, obviously.

I had forgotten that Max has only stayed in an actual hotel room only once maybe twice of his life. We always stay in condos that my parents are a part of. When we walked into our room he said, "Hey, I thought we were staying in the other Gatlinburg!"
Gatlinburg is the place we normally stay in his mind, I guess.
I said, "No baby, we are staying here tonight. This is where Mandy and James are staying, too."
"Oh, where is the living room and the kitchen? This only has a bed room and a bathroom!" he says.
"I know Max, this is a hotel room," I say.
"Oh, well I like the other Gatlingurg with the kitchen and the bathroom."

He is so funny. Well, we were going to eat our usually family tradition of corn dogs and sausage and peppers at Fanny Farckels but after eating Krystals on the way up neither Rex nor I wanted that so we headed out to get something to eat. Max was so upset about not getting his corndog he wouldn't eat anything until about half way through dinner. I promised him he could have a corndog if he wanted it once we got up there and he finally decided that was ok.

We spent the evening on the strip and it was freezing cold. Max never once asked for a corndog the whole time we were in Fanny Farckels playing games. Wesley of course wouldn't ride in his stroller for the majority of the time and so we had to take turns carrying him. He is such a good baby for the most part but his temper and strong will are already coming out. If he doesn't want to do something he will let you know! We had to get our carmel apples from Caramel Corn and Max ate every single bite of his apple on the way back to the car. The boys were exhausted by the time we got back and sacked out pretty quick.

Playing Skee-Ball at Fanny Farckels.

James and Max taking a swing on the chair lift chair.

Going in for the night.

Wesley kept eyeing my carmel apple.

I gave him a taste of the apple.

The next morning we ate breakfast at one of the pancake houses and did some shopping. The guys wanted to hit the Bass Pro Shops on the way home so stopped in there for well over an hour. It is really neat. They have a huge fresh water fish tank and a waterfall in the middle of the store. Even if you aren't an outdoorsy person like myself you should stop in there just to see the store itself. Max played round after round of a target game they have upstairs.

Oh how I love this boy! He is just too precious for words! His little dimples kill me!

Wesley and Abby were talking to each other. She is a month older than Wesley.

This was our first trip with the boys and man was it a lot more work. I love nursing but it can be a nuscance when you are trying to travel. I hadn't had much sleep and my patience was very thin. I was wore out by the time we got in the car. Luckly both boys slept all the way home. We had a great time for our first overnight trip as a family of four. I know there will be many many more to come. I can't wait for the next one. It is so nice to be able to just slip away for a couple of days and get away from home and the every day. I know Max really enjoyed himself and Wesley did really good.

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