Monday, November 3, 2008

Halloween fun

Here is the last of our Halloween fun. We had Trunk or Treat and a fall festival at our church on Wednesday night. Max was in a strange mood and didn't want to play much or have his picture taken hence the very few photos I have. He didn't want to trunk or treat at first. He sat in the back of my mom's van and gave out candy for the most part. I carried Wesley around and trunk or treated with him. Finally, Max decided to go around and on the way home he kept talking about what a good time he had trick or treating with Nana's. He enjoyed giving away the candy more than getting it.

My little scarcrow with an upturned hat so he could see!

My friend Mandy and her baby Abby. She is a month older than Wesley

Wesley in his pumpkin costume.

Sarah Palin even made a visit!

On Halloween night we went to Rex's cousin's mother in law's house to trick or treat. Thankfully it wasn't too cold, it was freezing Wednesday night. We went to about 15 houses and Max was finished. He had enough and was ready to go back. When we got back he finished giving out candy and again enjoyed that more than trick or treating itself. We had a really enjoyable evening with our family. I am so glad my boys will have cousins their age to grow up with. It will be so much fun!

Max is ready to go trick or treating.

Wesley and Neely. Neely is our cousin's baby that will be 1 in January.

Wesley and Neely

Max was done with having his picture made! My silly SpongeBob and sweet little scarecrow! Wesley's costume is just too cute. It was my favorite!

Max and Neely

There is nothing like stoller trick or treating!

Going door to door.

Wesley in his cute halloween outfit!

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