Wednesday, November 19, 2008

check ups and xrays

We took Wesley to the doctor Monday for his 4 month well check. The runny nose and congestion he has had for well over 2 weeks is just a cold, but I was glad it was nothing else. Wesley was 25 3/4 in long, 75% and 13.14 1/2 lbs, 5o%. He still has a little head 16in 25% but he is staying on his growth track.
He had to get 4 shots and he is so pitiful. He actually cries over the shots where Max cried because he was being held down. Poor Max stood out in the hallway during the shots because he couldn't handle brother crying. Earlier during the visit Dr. Spraggins was holding Wesley down to look in his ear, nose, and mouth and he was of course screaming because he didn't like being messed with and I look over and Max is crying. He thought Dr. Spraggins was hurting him. I thought to prepare him that Wesley would probably cry this time because he is older and is communicating more and babies cry because they can't speak. I am glad he is tender hearted and cares about his brother's well being.
We ended up having to get an x-ray of Wesley's shoulder to check the joint. I have noticed he hold his right shoulder at an odd angle a lot and hold his arm straight out quite a bit. She didn't hear or feel anything but we did the x-ray to make sure. I haven't heard back from it yet so I am assuming everything is fine.
We had planned to go to playgroup after the appointment but the x-ray took well over an hour so I took Max to the mall. We ended up running into some friends of ours so we ate lunch together and let the kids play at the mall for a bit.
Hopefully no more doctor again for 2 months. I can't believe how fast 4 months has gone by. He will be as big as Max before I know it!

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