Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Thanksgiving and Milestones

Sorry for the long post! So much can happen in a week!
Well we had a wonderful Thanksgiving. My mom's family came up on Thanksgiving day and it was the first time any family had ever been up here for a holiday. Rex ended up not going with us because he caught a truck on fire right before we were ready to leave and burnt his shirt and the side of his hand. Luckly he wasn't severly hurt, it could have been much worse. On the way to my mom's that morning I was telling Max that his Nanny Scott, Aunt Nett, Uncle Johnny, and cousin Sissy would all be there he said, "Yea! I can't wait to see them! Will my Paw Paw's be there?"
"Yes," I answer."
"Will my Nana's be there?"
"What about Shia and Jessi?"
"Yes, them too."
"I just love those two girls!"

I totally forgot to get my camera out while we were there so I took some pictures of Wesley after we got home that evening.

This is a little girl named Ruthie that goes to our church. She has always wanted to hold Wesley and we let her Tuesday night at our Thanksgiving service. As soon as mom started to hand him to her Wesley spit up all over her. Poor thing. She still wanted to hold him though.

Well later that evening I had put Wesley on the floor so he could roll around, he is now rolling back to front and front to back. He loves to be on his belly now and usually flips to it as soon as you put him down. Well I was sitting on the couch watching him and he starts getting up on his knees! Not just a little I mean completely on his knees! I managed to get a few shots but not when he was actaully setting on his knees completely.

Wesley has started not sleeping well, waking up every 2 to 3 hours at night. I have been putting of starting to spoon feed because I just want him to be a baby as long as possible but I thought he may be needing some cereal to help sleep a little better. After over a 2 weeks of not sleeping all nostaglia goes out the window! Here is my little man with his first taste of cereal. He did pretty good for his first time and didn't seem to mind it that much.

We got the excercauser out this week because Wesley is wanting to sit all the time and loves to stand. He is still getting used to but of course Max had to play in when we first got it out. It amazes me how big kids can still get into baby toys! Max has been in Wesley's car seat, BeBe Pod, Swing, and now the exercauser.

Now here are a few of Wesley in the excercauser.

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Alicia said...

Wesley is so cute!!! I just love those dimples when he smiles! I can't believe he is trying to crawl already! I bet it's amazing to watch.
Rebekah would get in all the baby toys also. Kids can be so silly!