Friday, December 19, 2008

Another first

I have been giving Wesley cereal for a several weeks now. He in the past to weeks has really starting to notice food and watching you eat, the signs to start with spoon feeding. The past week or so I was very consistant and gave him cereal every night. He really had the hang of it and when I would put him in his chair he would get excited, he knew what was coming. I decided to go ahead and start on food. I hate to start because it make him seem so big and not a newborn anymore but it takes forver anyway to get them through all the first foods so I decided to take the plunge. He only got a third or so of a small jar before his cereal so it wasn't a huge amount but boy did he like it.

I love all the milestones he is hitting but at the same time it is sad. I have really enjoyed the infant stage much more with Wesley than with Max. I think you know how quick it goes by with the second and you want every minute to last as long as it can. The time just goes by way too fast. Here are a few pics of my sweet boy and his first foods!

Yes, super mom's can feed a baby and take pictures and video of it at the same time. I like to see a dad do that!

Yummy, yummy sweet peas!

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