Friday, December 26, 2008

Visting Grandma's

We went to see my Dad's mom, Nanny Newt, first. She is in the nicest nursing home I have ever seen. The place is always spotlessly clean and never smells. She is in a private room but we usually go to one of the many common areas to visit so we don't have to pack into her little room. The people there always love to see visitors especially little ones and babies and Max is usually good about smiling and saying hello to people.

My dad and my Nanny Newt

Max watching her open her presents. His Great Grandmother Evelyn Newton

I had to do the sneak attack to get his picture while he was trying to run away!

Rex and Wesley

My younger sister Jessica, Rex, Wesley, Me, my older sister Alicia, Nanny Newt, and my dad.

From there we went to my mom's mom, Nanny Scott. We ate dinner and we always play the white elephant game. I went home with a DVD for the second year in a row and Rex brought home a battery powered screw driver. We always have a good time and it is good to see the family. We normally don't see a lot of our family since they all live in Atlanta. We only all get together once or twice a year. This year we have lots of babies, some were sick and not able to make it but we have 6 babies under 2 in the family right now.

Wesley with his Great Grandmother Margie Scott

Wesley and Nanny Scott

Max opening his present from Nanny Scott.

It was a long, hard day but well worth the time and energy it takes.
I will be posting more holiday events in the next few days. Wesley is crying now and I have to tend to him. I posted one other time today so keep reading!

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