Friday, December 26, 2008

Making Christmas cookies for Santa

Max loves to cook and last year we started the tradition for making gingerbread cookies for Santa. I had always just gotten store bought cookies in the past but last year I bought a kit that had a dough mix, one cookie cutter, icing, and decorations. This year we made our own dough and I bought several different shaped cookie cutters and we decorated them ourselves with icing and M&Ms, Max didn't like the gumdrops that came in the kit last year. Max ate every one he decorated when he was finished with it except for two so most of them I didn't even get pictures of before they were devoured. We had a really good time. We made them on Tuesday while Wesley took his nap. Here are a few pictures of the process and end results.

We tried the parchment paper roll out method but I didn't care for it with the gingerbread, they needed the little extra flour to not be so sticky. So we moved to the old timing on the counter with flour method after the first batch. Max liked playing in the flour as much as anything.

I helped him the cookie cutter but he did the rest.

Max's is the one on the left, mine is on the right with a little added pizazz from Max.

Max decorated the trees all by himself

Mr. and Mrs. Clause

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Alicia said...

Those are so cute! We never got around to baking cookies this year since we did candy and a cake plus the gingerbread house. Rebekah says she wants to be a gingerbread man when she grows up. :-P Silly girl! It looks and sounds like you and Max had a great time!