Sunday, December 28, 2008

A visit with Floyd and Wanda

The day before Christmas eve we ended up having to go to the funeral home in Dalton so we decided to make a stop on the way home of a couple that go to our church. The Manis' decorate their house very elaborately and beautifully for Christmas. There house is beautiful with out all the Christmas items period. They have tons of antiques, antique furniture, chandeliers in almost every room, trays for the beds, and so on and so forth. We had been meaning to get by since the beginning of December but with the busyness and sickness we hadn't gotten over there. Max loves to go and actually would invite people from church to go when we would talk about going over there. Who needs an invite from the home owners, when Max gives you one. Mrs. Wanda always serves us apple cider and cookies when we visit but Max has decided he can only drink apple cider when he has popcorn (because of our many trips to Mercier's Apple Orchards-they have free samples of cider and popcorn). She graciously popped Max a bag of popcorn. I hate that we had to go to the funeral home but I am glad we got to go. It wouldn't seem like Christmas without it.

This is a picture of their big tree in their family room area.

Wesley was thoroughly entertained by all Mr. Floyd's toys!

He really wanted to get this dancing frog!

Now he wants the dancing Santa!

The boys being silly!

I also wanted to share with you the boys Christmas pictures from JCPenney's. They both did good but Max has a new cheezy smile he used in a lot of the pictures.

This was the keeper out of the lot!

That cheezy grin I was talking about!

I am so glad Max really loves his brother! I also love having another baby boy to dress in jon jons, bubbles, and knee socks! :)

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LeeAnne said...

Those pictures from JCP are so cute!! Max's grin is cracking me up. Looks like you guys have had a lot of fun this Christmas!