Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Maxism for the week 12/3/08

My sister Alicia came and got Max one day last week for the day. She called that morning to finalized plans and this is the conversation I hear on my end. I assumed she asked him where he wanted to eat lunch.
"Shogun! Oh Yeah, CiCi's. It costs $5 is that ok?"

"Daddy we need to get us a Lynrd Skynrd Christmas CD!"

"Oh, no we left my horse at Nana's and PawPaw's"
That is his new imaginary horse named Rex and I had to stop the car and open the door to let him.

"Mommy. sunshine on my shoulders makes me happy!"

"Oh, that got my bottom!" After we went over a hill driving down the road.

I told Rex, "Look at my eye lids the older I get the redder they get." Max's response,"Well, look at my eyes they are green!"

"I can throw this ball for 2 miles."

He was on the phone with my dad the other week and asks, "So, what is the price of gas in Tunnel Hill?....Mommy, how much was gas in Ooltewah?"

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Jennifer said...

I swear, Max cracks me up!!! The conversation about the gas prices completely cracks me up!!!