Friday, December 18, 2009

Christmas performance

On Sunday night two weeks ago the kid's Awana program's had their Christmas performances. Wesley's Puggles class just sat and "sang" their Puggles' song and said Bible when they touched the Bible.

Max's Cubbies class recited their key verse and motto. I was very shocked because Max has always gotten stage fright for performances. He wouldn't even sit with his class last year during the process. Those of you who know Max may not believe it but it is true. For the first time he went on stage and did what he was supposed to do. Then, he actually got up there and held the Bible for the pledge to the Bible. I was so proud. They were all so cute and did a great job.

I was so excited when our church started Awana's last year. I was in Awana's when I was little and have never forgotten some of the things I learned in Sparks. I love that Max is memorizing scripture already at 5 years old. Wesley knows his routine in his class. He wants to put his sticker on his page as soon as he walks in the door. He already says Jesus and Bible, he thinks all books are the Bible. It is so worth the drive down to Dalton of Wednesdays so the boys can attend.

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