Monday, December 14, 2009

Night of Lights

My little sis, Jessica, is a member of the L'Abri Symphony Orchestra and they played at Rocky City on Friday night. We decided to brave the cold and head over to Rocky City.

It started out rough, running late, picking up food for the kids on the way, Wesley dumping his drink all over himself, Rex going to Walmart to buy new clothes for Wesley ( I was already almost to Rocky City at this point), waiting for Daddy in the bathrooms, and having to undress and redress layers of clothing on Wesley in the bathroom area before even entering Rocky City. I almost gave up and turned around but I struggled through it and other than the freezing temperatures it was a nice night. The sky was clear and it wasn't crowded at all.

We headed straight to the performance area and then did the tour through Rock City. It may have been my imagination but I remembered there being more lights the last time we had been there a couple of years ago. We did get to see one reindeer in the observation area. We trucked through the overlook area with Wes because it was freezing and he had been sick last week. Max wouldn't go see Santa. He told me he would rather go and see him in the mall. That boy, he cracks me up sometimes. We stopped to watch the Christmas story they do with lights about the birth of Christ but Wes was not having it so Rex and I walked him back and forth across a lighted bridge while everyone else watched. Some hot chocolate and kettle corn helped the kids spirits a little but it was just so cold!

We made it through the caverns and Max walked around the storybook village. In all honestly the whole caverns and story book village creeps me out. They have the weirdest dolls and characters. My sis jokingly said, "Rocky City, giving kids nightmares for the last 60 years." Funny, but those dolls are super creeptacular. Thankfully, these are at the end of the tour and we were all ready to head home. The lights were beautiful, the boys had fun, and we were all exhausted! The joys and adventures you have with little ones!!!

Jessi playing her flute. Max decorating his gingerbread cookie.

I love this, you can see Max yelling because Wesley is trying to get his cookie.

The finished cookie.

Wesley enjoying the music.

Wesley and Paw Paw's. He didn't get too far from him all night, as usual.

The whole gang minus mom, who is taking the picture.

The lighted bridge that kept Wesley occupied for a while.

Going into the caverns with the creepy dolls.

The tree at the entrance to Rock City.