Saturday, December 5, 2009

Who needs toys anyway?

This week it has been proven that my kids really don't need any toys. Just give them every day, old, ordinary things and they are fine. My first case in point, Wesley and Max's armoire. I was cleaning the boys' room the other day and Wesley stayed in the room with me while I cleaned. I noticed him opening and closing the door to the armoire and didn't think much about it until I turned around to find this...

He did pull a few things off the shelf to get in there but he opened and closed the door, turned around and around, over and over for at least 30 minutes. Yes, 30 minutes! We do not own a toy that had ever kept this boy occupied for 10 minutes let alone 30 minutes or more.

Second case in point. After putting up the Christmas tree, the boys discover the huge storage tub it was in. The tub is still in the living room and I hate to put it up because they have had so much fun with it. They have got in it, under it, and in the side of it. Max has used it for his hiding place and secret fort. Wesley will scream until someone lifts it up so he can get underneath it. I have spun the two of the around in countless circles to their endless delight.

I am sure Santa is still going to spend time and money looking for the perfect gift for these two boys but right now they are having tons of fun with a shelf, a door, and a box. Who says you need lots of expensive toys?!

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