Tuesday, December 15, 2009

The Nutcracker

We did our annual trip to see The Nutcracker at the Tivoli last Thursday. We have taken Max every year since he was 16 months old. It is during the day when the school groups come. They don't have the symphony during the day so it is danced to recorded music. It is still always a good performance and you don't have to worry about keeping you kids silent during the program. I think it's a great opportunity to expose your children to some culture that they typically wouldn't get otherwise, especially boys. I don't think most boys are dying to go see a ballet. Max always looks forward to it every year and he loves and can recognize all the music.

I usually drop mom and the boys off and then go find somewhere to park. We had passed a spot when we turned onto Broad St going to the Tivoli so I was hoping I could swing back around and get it after I let them out front of the Tivoli. So, I dropped them off and did the loop back around to Broad St. The spot of course was gone but I found another one right down from it. Well, I thought it was another one. I parked, opened the passenger door so I could get my stuff out from the side walk, locked the doors, got out of the car, and walked around the put money in the meter. I realized then, that there wasn't a meter because a fire hydrant was there. Thankfully, my husband had called and was talking on the phone or I would have been totally stranded. Unfortunately, with out thinking I shut the passenger side door because I was going to walk around and move the car. The second I shut the door I remembered I had already locked the door and I locked all my stuff in the car, purse on the front seat, key in the purse, and coat sitting under the purse. It was freezing outside, too! I couldn't leave from my car because I was parked in front of a hydrant and wasn't supposed to be there. It was either stand and freeze or get towed! I, of course, chose to stand and freeze!

My husband drove home to see if the spare key was at home but it wasn't. It was in my purse, as well, because I had used it the other day when I couldn't find my keys!!! I was going to just call a locksmith but a parent of one of the children in my sister's class had AAA and offered to call them so I wouldn't have to pay for it. She brought me my sister's coat and scarf and stayed with me until they got there.

It was kind of scary and I am glad she stayed with me. It wasn't the best part of town. We made it back inside just as intermission was starting. Wesley last in the second half for about 10 minutes so that was all I got to see of The Nutcracker this year. Max really enjoyed it this year, though. He has always liked it but he was really into it this year. Mom said he paid very good attnetion and didn't even ask to leave.

Sometimes, I really wonder why my hair is brown!

This is what occupied Wesley during the second half. He climbed every step of the place. When we got home I noticed that the front of his white knee socks were dingy and black from all that climbing. :)

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