Tuesday, December 8, 2009

A Snowy Day

Well, it was the first weekend in December and we already got a good snow! This was only the second time Max has gotten to play in the snow during daylight hours! The last few times it has snowed it was a night and was already gone by morning.

I bundled up the boys and myself and we headed out around 8:30 to enjoy the white stuff before it disappeared. Wesley loved it! He walked right out in it, looked around, and watched it fall from the sky. Max was ready to break out the sled and get busy. Max had a list of all he was wanting to do: snow angels, snowmen, snow cakes, and snow cream.

They walked, ran, rolled, and jumped in the snow. They swung on the swing set, slid down the slide, and road on the bike and coozy car just like it was any normal day.

I finally got the sled out of the chicken coop for Max. He was ready to go. Max and I marched up the hill while Wesley was still walking around in the white wonderland. He went down 5 or 6 times before Wesley got interested in what was going on and decided to join us. I pushed them down the front side of the hill but I it must not have been quite steep enough because they didn't make it to the bottom. I pulled them back up to the top and Max decided he was tired of sledding so Wesley went all by himself. He loved it and was done.

The snow was already starting to melt by this point and Wes got in a mud puddle, getting his gloves all wet. Max still wanted to make a snowman, so I started gathering up snow to start on the base. He was quickly sidetracked by snowballs and got several good shots in on Wesley and me.

We headed back in shortly afterwards and stripped down our muddy, wet clothes at the door. I headed straight to the washing machine while the boys headed for the kitchen for something to eat and drink.

Hopefully, this is a sign for many more snows to come this winter!

Max said Wesley tracks looked like the boy's from the book, A Snowy Day.

Max's snow angel.

This was his snow massage.

Some pretty snowy scenes around the yard.

One of my favorite trees in a field behind our house.

Time for sledding.

The future Ooltewah Bobsled team.

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