Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Fun fall weekend

This past weekend we went to the Dalton Fair on Thursday. Max loves going to the fair. It was $1 ride night so he rode several rides and we looked at the livestock. He took a pony ride when we first got there and he loved it. He was cracking me up in his Lighting McQueen rubber boots with the pants tucked into them. It was a pefect fall night. It was cool, but not cold, not windy and no rain. I am so glad the weather is finally changing. He wanted to play every game we went past and Rex let him play several. He won a ball and a stuffed snake. You would have thought they were worth a million dollars, he was so excited to win them. He of course didn't want to leave but we had a really good time.

We went to the Monster Bash at the Creative Discovery Museum on Friday night. This was our first time and it was a little overwhelming. There were so many people packed into one building it was a bit too much. Max doesn't do very well in large crowds. He needs to be able to scope things out before doing them. He didn't do any of the activity stations they had set up for them. We spent most of the time up stairs and on the roof top. Of course I had to nurse in the middle of it so I didn't get any pictures of the few things he did do and then my camera batteries died. Oh, well. He did have a good time. He was the only Sponge Bob and everyone loved Wesley's costume. The only picture I got of Wesly his face is covered up, daddy doesn't take the best pictures! LOL! Max enjoyed showing Rex around the museum because he had never been there. I am glad they got to spend some quality time together doing fun things with just the 2 of them but I hated missing half the fun. It will be so much easier next year when I'm not nursing and having the stop to nurse in the middle of every activity.

We went to a Halloween party/cook out at Rex's cousin's house after we left. Max had a ball roasting weinies and smarshmellows (as he calls them). We got home late and then had a very early day for our trip to Atlanta. It was great to see our family but it is so tiresome with the kids. I had no back up batteries so I didn't get anymore pictures from the rest of the weekend. We were wore out yesterday so we all slept in.


Alicia said...

Wow! You've been busy, girlfriend! The fair looks like it was so much fun! Rebekah rode her first horse today, yes, a full grown horse! I'll be getting pics up on my blog soon once I catch up on all our vacation posts.

LeeAnne said...

Those are such fun pictures! I love Max's boots ... what a ham he is!!