Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Imaginary Friends

Max has several imaginary friends. The first one Michael Jones (He just got the last name a few weeks ago and I wonder if it comes from Cooper Jones? I don't know.) we picked up one day at the grocery store. He is the only friend where I have no idea where the name came from. He must have literally heard it at the grocery store that day because we don't socialize with anyone name Michael. Next came Chuckie (from Chuck E Cheese), Roma (from the Hoobs), Baby, Lightning and Mac (from Cars), and Tim (Rex's cousin). He has already blamed things on them and he talks and plays with them constantly. We have discovered that Baby has died. He made Baby up while I was pregnant and once Wesley was born there was no more baby and he told a friend on mine that Baby died. He pretends to talk to them on the phone and he gets text messages from them as well. The other day he was sitting at my mom and dad's table during lunch and he said "Hold on a minute, my phone is ringing. Oh, hey Tim!" He starts busting out laughing and I mean really laughing not just fake laughing. Then says "You are so funny, Tim. Talk to you later." Then goes back to normal conversation at the table. He cracks me up. I love that he has a good imagination but it worries me some when he would rather talk to and play with his imaginary friends than his real ones.

Here are a few pictures of the boys. Max was wanting to hold Wesley and have his picture made. He kept letting the baby fall over and thought it was hillarious. They are too cute not to keep!

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Jennifer said...

I am cracking up laughting at Max. That is too funny! Both of your boys are so sweet!