Thursday, October 16, 2008

Learning about Moses

On Thursday's Max and I go to Bible Study Fellowship. Last year was our first year and it has been absolutely wonderful. We currently do not have Max in preschool or mom's day out so BSF is his classtime (that is what he calls it). They have hymn time, big and small muscle time, bible story time, snack time, and quiet time. It is great because the kids learn the same things the adults do. It is neat to be able to talk about my bible lesson with my 4 year old and he understands because he just learned about it too. Last year we studied Mathew and when they learned about the transfiguration the teacher asked "What happened to Jesus?" and Max answered "He lighted up!" This year we are studying Moses. All the teachers love Max and he is always cracking them up. I came to pick him up today and his teacher that he loves from last year, Mrs. LaVelle, asked if they had told me what he said last week. After their bible lesson they always ask them questions about it. Last week was about Moses and the burning bush. The teacher asked, "How did God get Moses's attention to talk to him?" Max's answer, "A smoking flower!" I guess that is his interpritation of a burning bush. I feel so blessed to have found such a wonderful bible study I can do with my boys.

My mom and dad watch Wesley for me because kids have to be 2 before they can attend BSF. Mom called this morning and said she would watch Wesley at my house today because my dad was sick. Max talked to her for a few minutes and then handed me the phone. He said "Here, I have to pray for Paw Paw's." He said a sweet little prayer about helping PawPaw's to get better. My mom had asked him to pray for Paw Paw's in him class today if they did prayer request. Max just went ahead and prayed for him then. It was too sweet.

It is awsome to see God working in Max's life and heart already. He has been asking a lot of questions about heaven, Jesus dieing for our sins, and salvation lately. To be able to see him understanding God's love and starting to understand Jesus' sacrifice for us is amazing.I know the Lord is going to a great work with him one day and I can't wait to see what it is. In the mean time I am just going to trust that the Lord gives me the strength and wisdom to bring up 2 godly men that love Him, put Him first in their lives, want to serve Him, and follow the path He has laid out for them.


Jennifer said...

That it so sweet! Max is such a smart little boy. He is always making me laugh!!! Of course Wesley is precious too!!!

The Jones Family said...

I am exited about this year of BSF and what the boys are going to learn in the Children's program. Ryan was sitting in the bathtub the other day singing the song they had learned last thursday it is amazing how much they remember. I know Ryan and Max will have a wonderful time this year.