Monday, October 20, 2008

Running and eating steak at 8 months

On Wednesday my friend Karen met me and the boys at Breastfeeding Support Group to bring me some things I had purchased from a party she had. Of course Max needed to use the rest room while we were there and Karen graciously watched Wesley so I could take Max. When we got back she was in amazement over how strong Wesley is. He will absolutely not lay down if he is in your arms. He has to be setting up. She said she felt like she was holding her son Cason, who is 17 months, and should let Wesley down to crawl around. He was only in a diaper and once I got him back to get his clothes on him he was completely soaked. His entire belly was covered in drool. She jokingly said, "He is going to be running and eating steak by 8 months!"

We took a trip to Atlanta this weekend to visit my grandmothers. We took Max for his first visit when he was 3 months old. He was horribly fussy the entire time and when we were pulling into the driveway coming home I put my finger in his mouth finding the cause of his fussiness, his first tooth. Wesley did okay for his first trip away from home over night but was a lot fussier than normal. On the way home, I put my finger in his mouth and found a tooth coming through. Not just any tooth, a molar! Poor guy is getting his first tooth and it is a big one! I can't even get a picture because it is hard to keep his lip pulled back to see it. It is a very strange coincidence that they both got their first tooth at 3 months and both started coming through after a stay at my grandmother's house!

I keep hoping Wesley will not do everything as fast as Max. I would like him to be a baby longer but it doesn't look like it. Who knows maybe he will be running and eating steak at 8 months!

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