Monday, October 6, 2008

I do love you though...

Yesterday when we got home from church Rex's aunts where having a yard sale up at his grandma's. We went up to visit for a few minutes. Max was playing with Aunt Wanda's tea cup yorkies she had for sale and was running with them chasing him. He was fine with that but once they started chasing him he starting screaming and kept yelling, "They are going to bite me". We are talking about puppies that weigh only a pound or a pound and a half. He is so weird about what scares him. The washing machine when it is on the mix cycle, going outside by himself, and to go into rooms by himself are just a few. When we were going to leave Aunt Nancy said,"Come here Max let me give you a hug" and she put her arms out and trys to hug him. He takes off running and says " I don't want to give you a hug right now but I do love you though!" He is so silly.

Max also just learned how to write his name all by himself this week. The picture is the first time he did it and he was so proud of himself. He really has just started writing in the past month so he is learning very fast. It is so exciting to see him so proud of his own accoplishments. He is using some big words now as well...flabergasted, exactly, perfectly, and outstanding are just a few.

Wesley is 12 weeks old and is growing like a weed. Here are a few pictures of him sitting up in the Bebe Pod I got from Karen today. I didn't know if he was quite ready for it but he loved it. He is wanting to sit up so bad. He doesn't like his mat to lay on with things above his head. He gets mad everytime I lay him on it. He loves his swing though. It has a mobile with 3 little bears that are smiling on it. He loves them. He laughs out loud, grins, and coos at them everytime I put him in the swing. I can't believe he will be 3 months on Friday. Where does time go?


LeeAnne said...

Oh my word, how is it possible that Wesley is already 12 weeks old!! Man, the time is passing way too fast!

Jennifer said...

Way to go Max!! I can't believe that Wesley is already 12 weeks old!! He was so good today at Karen's. You have two sweet little boys!